Honda Hybrid Underride Extrication Training Video – Now Live on Site!

After 5 years of teaching  the Hybrid & New Vehicle Technology course around the country  and demonstrating component location, the Honda Civic Hybrid has always been an important discussion topic due to the HV battery packs unusual location.

This HV battery pack, located vertically behind the rear seat could be a potential issue during an extrication if a tunnel operation is required.  Removal of this pack is a necessity to gain access for removal of patients.

After two years in the works, MGS Tech has finally completed filming of a live demonstration training video of this procedure.

The goal of this training video was to reinforce that with proper training and understanding of the Hybrid power down procedures, this operation can be performed quickly and safely in the field.

Follow this link to view the video: Honda Hybrid Underride

 Please let us know if you have any questions or comments.

Be Safe!

MGS Tech