MGS TECH products are developed through extensive research and testing by Master Automotive Technicians with a combined experience of over 40 years in the industry.

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Vehicle Crash CardNow Accepting Orders

MGS Tech has been building and publishing the HRG for first responders since 2007. Every year, auto manufacturers are releasing hybrid and EV technology vehicles at an ever increasing rate. This year alone, 15 new hybrid and EV vehicles have hit the market. We have found that all alternative fuel vehicles share common design properties with every other vehicle. After 5 years of production research, in an effort towards simplification, we at MGS Tech have developed standard operating procedures for hazard identification and power down of all vehicles involved in incidents.

Replacing the printed HRG manual, the two-sided Vehicle Crash Card includes all the information needed to mitigate and avoid the hazards associated with MVA’s involving all vehicles, not just hybrids and EV’s. These hazards include: vehicle fire, submersion, SRS component location, power down procedures, haz-mat and HID headlights.

Vehicle Incident Command Board – Now Accepting Orders

MGS Tech developed the Vehicle Incident Command Board to be used on scene of an MVA by the Incident Commander. The Board is designed to provide detailed checklists for task delegation; patient priority, location and condition; extrication and stabilization plan options and instructions; external hazards; resource contact note area.

Designed to be used in the same way as existing ICS boards but specifically developed for MVA’s and training purposes at vehicle extrication seminars. This tool supports procedural accountability by simplifying and organizing the proper steps involved in scene management.


Hybrid/New Vehicle Technology Safety Training

MGS TECH™ offers a variety of on-site Hybrid/New Vehicle Technology courses that provide extensive information on the technology used and operation of these vehicles.

Our standard course, Hybrid/New Vehicle Technology for First Responders, offers the knowledge needed for any level of First Responder to safely and confidently respond to Hybrid vehicle incidents.

Alternative Fuel Heavy Truck/Bus for First Responders is a new course to provide the knowledge necessary to properly mitigate incidents involving commercial vehicles.

Advanced Supplemental Restraint Systems for Crash Analysis and Event Reconstruction is an in-depth look at systems involved and how they operate.

Train the Trainer expands on our basic course and is geared towards Training Officers, with in-depth information that will allow them to teach the course in their own department.

Our Body Shop Technician/Insurance Adjuster Course provides technical information geared specifically towards these industries, to assist in minimizing vehicle turn-around time.

 Hybrid Tow Operators Guide

Tow, jump and start Hybrid vehicles correctly and with confidence. A natural next step following the research and design of our HRG, the HTG is an important tool for tow operators and Department of Transportation incident response vehicles. These guides have been successfully used by the Washington State Ferry System.