Vehicle Incident Command Board

An Invaluable Tool for MVA Scene Management

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An all new tool to manage MVA’s – Now Accepting Orders

MGS Tech developed the Vehicle Incident Command Board to be used on scene of an MVA by the Incident Commander. The Board is designed to provide detailed checklists for task delegation; patient priority, location and condition; extrication and stabilization plan options and instructions; external hazards; resource contact note area.

Designed to be used in the same way as existing ICS boards but specifically developed for MVA’s and training purposes at vehicle extrication drills. This tool supports procedural accountability by simplifying and organizing the proper steps involved in scene management. Photographic documentation of the board serves as an invaluable way to recount specific details of MVA scenes for later reporting or training scenario purposes.

The two-sided Vehicle Incident Command Board measures 9 1/2″ x 15″ and weighs approximately 18 ounces.

The board, manufactured here in Washington State by IMS Alliance, is constructed of a fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) material which is also used for most standard command boards. Text and graphics are bonded to the material by a process called sublimation. This process “impregnates” the information into the material, allowing you to erase your notes without fear of erasing anything else. A rubber border serves to protect the board from damage if dropped. It also prevents the board from slipping when placed on angled surfaces. A grommet in the top of the board allows it to be attached to any standard lanyard, carabiner or hook.

Writing instruments such as a standard black **Sharpie®, Marks-A-Lot® permanent marker or **Artline Wetrite® (which works on a wet surface) are recommended. Writing is removable by using alcohol wipes.

**NOTES FOLLOWING TESTING OF PENS: RED Sharpie is difficult to remove and SILVER Sharpie cannot be removed from board. The ARTLINE WETRITE which does work very well on a wet surface, works poorly in cold temperatures.

Click the links below to sample the front and back of the Vehicle Incident Command Board. Please note that these samples are the property of MGS Tech. They cannot be printed or reproduced in any way.

VCC Front

VCC Back