The following are videos both created by MGS TECH and from the public domain, used in their Hybrid/New Vehicle Technology safety course.


“Dayton Revisited”

“Honda Hybrid Underride Extrication”

“High Voltage Wire Cut”

See what happens when the MGS Tech team cuts the orange wires from a Hybrid vehicle.

“HV Battery Submersion Test”

Watch as a HV battery is submerged in water.

“SRS Airbag Demos”

Several different types of airbags are detonated to demonstrate the energy produced (plus its entertaining!). If you haven’t seen this in one of our classes, you’ve got to watch this.

“MVA”-Legoville FD

MGS Tech brains had fun with Legos to demonstrate approach tactics.

“Hybrid Hazards” – KOMO 4 News Seattle – Featuring Matt Stroud from MGS TECH

This news story from 2007  and the drama contained within it was part of the reason we formed MGS TECH; to teach the facts about Hybrid high voltage systems.

Recent KING 5 news story about an MGS Tech training class in Graham, Washington